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Buy and download MP3 music by Australian artists, as well as compact disks delivered to you. Shop On Mars is excited to present established artists such as Mario Millo and Sebastian Hardie, as well as new artists The Vandabelles, Nick Latta, Men From Mars and many more.

-- NEWS --

Shop On Mars is anticipating The Vandabelles
new CD "Outside Looking In".

There are rare moments when a music artist comes along that will permeate your life - we believe The Vandabelles is one of those artists. Do you remember the last time a song actually connected ... and took over your heart and soul? "Somehow you've stripped me" - this is what the voice of Jess Millo will do to you ... and to all that listen. Jess Millo's vocals probe beneath the hardest of skins, as the lyrics reveal a story you cannot help but fall into, knowing everything revealed in her words. If that wasn't enough to remove you of your resistance, the production, instrumentation and soaring vocals in "Say Goodbye" will give you goose bumps. Something refreshingly different, with songs that have real meaning ... and it can only be what is "different" that changes the course of music. The Vandabelles music will reverberate in your emotional recesses for a long time.
The Vandabelles will be available on the Shop On Mars online store soon!

Men From Mars available soon.

When four unique musicians got together in 1995, they did not realise it would be the genesis of a powerful, mesmerizing style of 'martian' music. Creativity as if floating between the moons of mars, this music is out there, hypnotizing the listener with precise musicality, addictive highs and sublime moods. A completely original style captured live in a once only performance. Men From Mars will be available on the Shop On Mars online store soon!

"Blueprint" just released - Sebastian Hardie's first original music album since 1977!

Shop On Mars is excited to have Sebastian Hardie's third album "Blueprint" available on the online store. Sebastian Hardie's previous albums "Four Moments" and "Windchase" are also available.

Mario Millo soundtracks available for the first
time as MP3 downloads on Shop On Mars.

The multi award winning music from "Brides of Christ" perfectly captured a very special time in the life of Australia and in the lives of the women of Santo Spirito Convent - both the nuns and the young girls they taught. This powerful and haunting music was a large part of the power of this wonderful series and has become one of the most classic and loved Australian soundtracks of our era.

The classic haunting soundtrack from the thirteen part television series "Against The Wind" has been played the world over. The simple music perfectly portrayed Australia in the 1800's, when convicts were transported from England and Ireland and became Australia's first settlers.

Lovers of Mario Millo's music will enjoy listening to the superb soundtrack "GP", which features his signature writing and guitar playing. At a time when the show was looking for new direction, Mario created a new feel for the series using his individual and distinctive style. This fine collection of music from the final two years of ABC Television's much loved and long running series "GP" is well worth having in your collection!

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